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Personal Coaching with

Performance Communication

My method enables quick and long-lasting steps in personal learning. We “rehearse” day-to-day situations so you can build up true new abilities. We set free hidden potential of your personality so your learning will be authentic.

This is what my coachees say:

leaders of SWISS International Airlines, Roche, Volkswagen AG, Brother, Daimler Financial Services Bern University Hospital, BASF and others

• “When I heard Mr. S. speak for the first time, I had to laugh very loudly inside: He speaks exactly as you played him for me in our rehearsal. So I was perfectly prepared for my meeting.”

• “I passed the assessment as the best of all candidates. That was your power communication – I performed it there. Thank you for your help.”

• “A big thank you for the great coaching. It changed a lot inside me, your analysis as well as the body awareness training. Exciting, constructive, encouraging.”

• “With your communication concept, the strategy and preparation from our thorough rehearsal we succeeded to win the $600 000 pitch.”

• “Your new technique works very well: I applied it in its pure form for the negotiation that we rehearsed in the coaching. I was so well prepared in speech, content and technique – it was like a dream. (And I think my adversary was quite surprised as well.)”

• “Thank you very much indeed for today’s coaching. I discovered so many new things and learned a lot. Just now came an unexpected call from A.: I convinced him – he will speak up for our cause!”

• “Just before going on stage for the moderation I did the exercises. Some jitters at first, but then I was as cool as a cucumber. After my performance I received so much positive feedback – from the clients and also from my colleagues.”

• “I led the discussion exactly as we rehearsed it. The result was outstanding. A great success that I can celebrate thanks to your support.”